prahaaaIMG_5927 IMG_5924 IMG_5923

I had these amazing drinks in Prague. I had that feeling that i might turn in to a alcoholic but no problem there. I have control.
I thought you might wanted some pictures of my trip in Prague so here you go. The three pictures in the top, is in a restaurant named “Uno” it was fantastics; the food, the drinks, the place, everything. Loved it.

IMG_5925 IMG_5930 IMG_5941

Here is some more pictures from the amazing restaurant “Uno”. This was my first holiday away from my parents, with only my friends. We had to celebrate it with some drinks:)

IMG_5946                                                                                      IMG_5933

Amazing food: my dinner to the left: Gnocchi with salmon, spinach and cream. My dessert to the right: Créme bûlée and long island ice tea.



Me in Karlov Lazne, the biggest club in Europe! I am sitting in the V.I.P lounge, in the king chair! so Amazing!

xoxo, beguldberg




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